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Awaiting the arrival of a baby is one of the best that a family can dream of in life. And the second best is, of course, taking care of mommy and baby, both before and after the arrival. And in what better way than by handing over the whole arrangement to experts who care. And have gone out of their way to ensure that every possible need is taken care of. Yes Blues and Pinks offer expert baby and mommy solutions under one roof.

As a mother you are too excited looking forward to your bundle of joy to have time thinking of the basic needs you and your baby may have. As a father the last thing you need is worrying about what you need to get and what you dont.

Blues and Pinks was conceived to take care of you at a time when you are on an emotionally high.

This is a small beginning from us to help you give your baby the best possible start in life. Start planning your new life and let us plan for your comfort.

Baby care is not just about baby clothes, feeders and beds. It's about comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Be it in the clothes mommy may need to be in while feeding you to entertaining the guests and well wishers.
It's about taking care of even mommy's personal lactating needs, accessories for baby's room (you would want the very best) and of course even the best baby furniture!

Do take time to go through our exhaustive list and visit our website to get the right picture.

So having a baby is no longer a time to prepare a list of all must-needs, but a time to rejoice and leave all the planning to Blues and Pinks, so that when your bundle of joy arrives, he/she is welcomed into a colourful world of predominantly BLUES n Pinks!!!

We Customise Too!

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